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Why Use MetroWest Realty?:

Because in real estate, specialism and experience equals success. There is a saying that “All real estate is local” – and it couldn’t be more true. Metro West real estate is what we do. And we know it like no other. We live here too – and we write the MetroWest Real Estate Blog!

Worried About Not Getting The Brand Recognition Of A Large Franchise?

Know this: The real estate world has changed dramatically over the last 5 years, most of it is due to the internet. Online home searching has changed everything and the smaller ”boutique” agencies are flourishing like never before, as the larger franchises like ReMax and ColdWell Banker are closing their expensive-to-maintain offices all over the country.

The Internet Is King. Period.

The information age has arrived. More than 85% of home buyers now start their home search on the internet.

This makes internet placement key to your success as a seller. Our listings appear not only on this well ranked site, but will appear on (#1) as well as multiple parnter sites across the world wide web. Go to Google and type in the words “Buy MetroWest real estate” or “MetroWest homes for sale” (include the term “Orlando” or you’ll wind up with a page full of search results from the MetroWest in MA).

Now, which websites comes up on the first page? Century 21? Watson? That’s the reality of home sales today. The sites that appear on the very first page of the most popular search engines, are the sites where the potential buyers are lurking. Do it now – and if you’re serious about selling your home, give us a call on: 407-290-3408.

[This site went live in Sept. 2010 so if you're not yet seeing it on p.1 that's because it's brand new and new sites rarely make p.1 in their first 8-12 months. But we're so confident in our internet marketing that we're guaranteeing you'll see it there within the next 8-12 weeks!]

MetroWest Short Sales

If you currently owe more on your home that it is worth in today’s market, you are not alone. If you don’t need to sell and can wait out the market – that might be your best move. If you absolutely have to sell for whatever reason, then you might consider a ‘short’ sale. These can be tedious and are not for the faint at heart – but they might get you out of a sticky, financial mess. We partner with some of Orlando’s best short sale negotiators, so feel free to call us for a free consultation.